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Table Top Wet Grinder

Table Top Wet Grinder

Wet grinding is not very common in western cuisine but is very popular in Indian kitchens and grinders are used to make pastes from grains and lentils, for example for making dosas and idlis in South Indian Cuisine. These grinders generally consists of a few stone plates that are rolled against another stone plate with the items to be ground between them. Generally, wet grinding is considered advantageous over mixers or blenders because the stone grinder does not generate a lot of heat, which can change the flavor of the food and also, the stones don't lose their sharpness as quickly as metal blades giving wet grinders a longer life.


The evolution of grinders has seen a dramatic change in their working. The earlier form of wet grinder were manually operated: the user had to rotate the top stone to grind the medium. The harnessing of electricity led to the development of electric-powered wet grinders. In an electric wet grinder, both the top and the base stones rotate. The first electrical grinder was invented by Lakshmi grinders Coimbatore. He made these grinders with a rotating vessel and stationery granite roller stones. These electric models were first introduced in restaurants, and later moved into homes.


Mr. Duraisamy of Santha Grinders led the next revolution in grinders. He came up with table-top model with two roller stones which were easier to handle and clean. Mr. Varadaraju of ELGI Ultra introduced next revolution in table top wet grinders by introducing a removable stainless steel drum with a granite bottom and removable roller stones. It is a big boon to home cooks as they can more easily handle the light weight stones.