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Brand Panasonic

Overview - Spark Mate Magic Cleaning Mop By Crystal

Forget the old, tiring and backbreaking method of floor mopping. Presenting Spark Mate Magic Cleaning mop that uses advanced technology in mopping to give a spotlessly clean floor, every time. It comes with innovative features like an anti-skid strong bucket base that prevents scratches on the floor, a special container for storing liquid detergent and automatic drainage outlet to flush out dirty water. This mop head has super absorbent micro-fibre threads that soak all liquids completely. With its 360 degrees rotation and an adjustable rod, this magic mop cleans even those hard to reach places under the bed, chair or sofa. It works its magic on every surface, leaving it spotlessly clean. Bring this mop home to make housekeeping quick, easy and fun.

Specifications - Spark Mate Magic Cleaning Mop By Crystal


Brand Spark Mate
Weight 10 kg approximately
Bucket 50 cm x 32 cm, Capacity - 6.7 L
Mop Rod 125 cm long
Mop Head 39 cm diameter
Special Features
Strong External Body Made of high quality plastic
Bucket Handle Strong and thick bucket handle
Anti-Skid Bottom Has an external cover at the bottom that prevents scratches and rubbing
Drainage Provision of auto drainage of dirty water from the bucket
Automatic Adjustable Rod The rod automatically bends and is adjustable to clean hard to reach places
Water Dropping Protection Special provision of water drop out, Cover with special protection wall prevents water dropping during spin
Detergent Storage Provision of liquid as well as powder detergent storage
  • Automatic mop cleaning with no battery, no electricity and no pedal required.
  • Easy to use. Anyone in the house can use it - even children.
  • High quality micro fibres used in mop head for great absorbency.
  • No water leakage during cleaning and squeezing.
  • Powerful washing and powerful spinning mechanism.
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Rod is made of stainless steel and cover is made of durable plastic.
  • Can be used under the bed, chair and sofa.
  • Strong mop holder can be rotated 360 degrees.
Package Contents
1 Bucket, 1 Mop Rod and 2 Mop Head
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More Information
SKU 30133764
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Brand Panasonic

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