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Electra 11 Chocolate Melanger
11 lbs / 3- 4 Kg Grinding Capacity
Elegant and easy to use.
5000+ Happy Customers
The motor does do not get overheated even under long and heavy use
SS304 Stainless steel drum detaches easily.
All internal components are food grade Delrin.
Easy for cleaning at the sink and doubles as a storage vessel
Black hard Granite Stone is used
To prevent chipping or thinning even with long use
Preserve Nutrition of the food

Used For:

Chocolate Melanger
Cocoa Nib Grinder
Cocoa Butter Grinder
Chocolate Conching Machine
Chocolate Refining Machine
Chocolate Tempering Machine
Nut Butter Grinder
Spice and raw food Industry

Black hard Granite Stone Stone
Tension Adjustment 48 hours
Tested long-running capacity
Heavy duty
Overheat Protection
SS 304 Stainless steel drum
Easy Detachable Drum and Stones
Drums serve as Storage vessel

Same Day Dispatch
Authorized Manufacturer
1 Year Warranty
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SKU E011
Brand Electra

Product Description

Elegant lightweight and easy to use. Loaded with thoughtful design features. The two stone roller configuration allows removing of ground material without removing rollers. Operates at an optimum speed such that the food retains its original nutritional value.

Electra 11 Chocolate Melanger

We are pleased to bring you a newer and advanced version of the stone melanger used for cocoa processing and nut butter making. The Electra 11 has several changes including a non-rotating lid, that allows you to view and open the lid while running. The central connector has been redesigned to be able to lift out the stones easily and the drum made leakproof.  

The tension of the granite stones can be adjusted to obtain different grades of shear at different stages of grinding and for different ingredients. Double granite roller stones that rotate over a granite base. This creates tremendous shear that reduces the cocoa nibs to fine chocolate liquor with a particle size of the order of fewer than 15 microns.

This amazing stone melanger is the perfect companion to your endeavors. We have made several key enhancements to the traditional domestic stone grinder making this perfect for Chocolate, nut butter, Mexican masa, cosmetics, and other food processing. The elegant design and sturdy construction assure long and satisfying usage and come in a rich silky maroon color.

The finest Stainless Steel and pure Black Granite stone (real stone) components make for a durable and outstanding quality machine. In addition, this grinder has all the features that make our products stand out with a powerful motor, black granite stones for long years or more, and impact resistant body. Several special features and enhancements have been incorporated to make this stylish melanger perfect for chocolate making by both the amateur and professional alike. 


  1. Is the Machine also available in 110Volts?

Yes, Electra 11 Chocolate Melangeur is available in 220V/50Hz and also 110V / 60Hz.

  1. Is it shipped to my home location?

Yes, we are shipping through DHL Express delivery and delivered to your doorstep. 

  1. Is there any additional Charges?

No, hidden prices and no more additional charges, all are included in one price like taxes, shipping cost, etc. You have to pay the only advertised amount only in the website.

  1. How long I can get the machine?

Within 48 Hours Electra 11 will be dispatched, Delivery time is about 3 to 7 days.

  1. What kind of stone is used?

Electra 11 is specially designed to grind cacao and nut to get smooth butter and creamy chocolate. Electra 11 is having Hard Black Granite cylindrical stone rotating over the Hard black Granite stone base drum.

  1. What is the grinding capacity of Electra 11?

The Capacity of Electra 11 is 11Lbs. 

  1.  What is the maximum running time of Electra 11?

Usually, Electra 11 runs up to24 Hours. Since the Cacao grinding and nut butter process is hard to grind, Electra 11 is designed for continuous grinding to get smooth and soft chocolate and nut butter.

  1. What is the function of Electra 11?

Chocolate Grinding, Nut butter grinding, Peanut grinding, Chocolate Mixing, Almond butter Grinding, and all chocolate conching process.

  1. What is a detailed technical specification?

Electra 11 is a 220 Voltage single phase table top Chocolate Grinder in red color, grinding capacity is about 2 liters. Approximately the net weight is about 15Kgs.  Electra 11 all components make for a durable and outstanding quality machine.

  1. How about lifetime and warranty?

Yes, Electra 11 has a 1-year international warranty. For warranty claims, please mail us at

  1. Are these machines made only for chocolate?

They can be used to make a variety of nut butter, and spreads, and can be used to grind rice or lentils into a paste.

  1. How do I clean my machine?

Our Electra 11s are very easy to wash. Hot water and mild dishwashing liquid are all that are needed. Please only HAND WASH parts. Using a dishwasher can damage the parts and, therefore, compromise the machine's integrity.  The Electra 11 melanger is disassemble to enable easy cleaning.

  1. How much electricity does the machine use?

The electricity used is very similar to that of a light bulb.

  1. What is the smoothness of my chocolate after grinding for 12 hours?

After 12 hours, the machine will have refined the product down to 15-20 microns, resulting in a grit-free, smooth, and silky texture.

  1. Is it safe to leave my machine running all night?

Safe. Our Electra 11 managers feature a heat-triggered, shut-off switch in the unlikely event that your machine overheats.

  1. What type of stones are the wheels made of?

The stones used for the wheels are 100 % virgin granite natural granite. You may notice some color variation in the stones. This is normal.  

  1. The first time I operated my machine, I detected an unpleasant smell. Is that normal?

The first time the machine is operated, there will be a slight, new-machine smell. It will go away within two batches. The mild odor will not impact the organoleptic profile of the chocolate.

  1. Can I make raw chocolate with these machines?

The threshold for raw foods is not uniform. If a raw product is desired, it is up to the maker to devise a cooling system to keep the refining chocolate at the permissible temperature. Most people use table fans to control temperature.

  1. Can I store the finished product in the drum of the machine?

Because the chocolate will harden as it cools down, (and you’ll have to pry it out), it is best to store your chocolate somewhere else. An airtight container like Tupperware can work. You will likely hold the chocolate before tempering and molding and you don’t want it to pick up ambient odors.


More Information
More Information
SKU E011
Manufacturer Electra
Volts 220
Capacity 2 Litres / 11 LBS
Functions Multi Purpose Chocolate Machine, Chocolate Melangeur, Chocolate Grinding, Chocolate Mixing, Chocolate Refining, Chocolate Conching, Chocolate Tempering, Chocolate Grinder, Chocolate melangeur, Chocolate refining, Chocolate Conching machine, Cocoa grinder,
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Delivery Free Express Delivery (10-15 Days)
Contact | +61470317431
Brand Electra
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